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HENDRIX,JIMI Valleys Of Neptune/Cat Talking To Me(non-LP) USA PS, large center hole, nice sleeve!! Shrik Wrapped!! BOX 8199 $11.00 RARE
HENDRIX,JIMI Band Of Gypsys,promo label Capitol full CD $18.00 CD
HENDRIX,JIMI Gloria, USA DJ bonus album 45 w/pic sleeve, 8:47,1-sided REP 2293 Box 8001 $20.00 RARE
HENDRIX,JIMI Freedom 3:24 mono/stereo, date and intro time written on mono side, USA DJ 7" 45 Reprise 1000 VG+ BOX 8168 $15.00 RARE
HENDRIX,JIMI Somewhere/Power Of Soul USA 2013 limited numbered 7" 45 w/PS on Legacy, in hold box $11.00 RARE
HENDRIX,JIMI All Along The Watchtower/Hey Joe/Voodoo Child UK PS ’90, sleeve VG++, 45 has large center, on Polydor, BOX 8198 $11.00 RARE
HENDRIX,JIMI Bleeding Heart/Peace In Mississippi UK PS, wrapped, BOX 8200, in stock $10.00 METAL
HENDRIX,JIMI Bleeding Heart/ B side is JAM 292, a 5:22 cut, USA PS Has a latge center hole,, BOX 8188, a copy in BOX 8246(no JB strip) $15.00 METAL
HENDRIX,JIMI Freedom 3:24 mono/stereo, sticker on label, condition VG+ USA DJ 7" 45 Reprise 1000 VG+ BOX 8231 $8.00 RARE
HENDRIX,JIMI Wind Cries Mary/Little Wing USA VG Reprise 1118, B side from In The West, in BOX 8019 $6.00 RARE

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